The Ultimate Guide to the Best Electric Dirt Bike to Buy in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Electric Dirt Bike to Buy in 2023


As technology continues to evolve, electric dirt bikes have become increasingly popular among off-road enthusiasts. 2023 has brough a plethora of great options to the market, with many models catering to specific needs and preferences. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the top electric dirt bikes available in the market, categorized based on their standout features. Whether you prioritize value for money, high performance, versatility, or upgradability, there's a perfect electric dirt bike waiting for you.


Best Value for Money: Talaria X3

The Talaria X3 is the standout as the best value-for-money electric dirt bike in 2023. Combining affordability with competitive performance, this bike offers a compelling package for entry-level riders as well as experienced enthusiasts. It features a unique frame and battery design that strips back a lot of the complication from its predecessor – the Talaria Sting. What you are left with is a motorcycle that still offers competitive performance figures like 47mph top speed, 30-40 miles range and 5kW peak power. However, this is now offered to consumers at a very accessible £3495 (around $3399 in the US).

The Talaria X3 features a powerful electric motor that delivers ample torque and acceleration to conquer almost anything you can throw at it, making it suitable for various terrains. Or, for an additional £300, the bike can be purchased in a street legal configuration with lights and slicks.

Talaria X3 Trackside

Off-Road RRP: £3495 / $3399

Road Legal RRP: £3795


  • Price
  • Performance is on par with more expensive bikes.
  • Keyless start


  • No Suspension Linkage
  • Battery is not quick to remove.
  • May run a little small on riders over 6 foot.

Where Can I Buy?

UK check out Stag Motorcycles
US check out Luna Cycles

Best Performance: Stark Varg

Before we start it is worth noting that the Stark Varg is not really in the same category as any of the other bikes mentioned. It truly is a thoroughbred race machine and for those of you seeking top-notch performance, the Stark Varg is the ultimate option. Boasting cutting-edge technology and advanced engineering, this electric dirt bike sets new standards in the high-performance category.

For a long time, electric motorcycles were put into an ownership category of their own, with little overlap into the traditional gas world in terms of competition and performance. With the Varg, it seems that electric may finally make its way into the mainstream dirt bike scene and onto competition starting gates (Similar to how the Alta Redshift did before the company went out of business). Spec’d with premium components, each Varg also comes with a removable smartphone/display which allows for track-side micro-adjustments to metrics such as Power Curve, Engine Braking and Traction Control. These allow the rider to fully dial into the bike and the terrain.

Boasting an astonishing 80hp, 940Nm of torque and up to 6 hours of battery life it is no wonder that Stark have pre-sold tens of thousands of units, with the first customers starting to take delivery.

Stark Varg

RRP: £10995 / $12900


  • Unrivalled Spec – this is a true race orientated machine.
  • Easily Adjustable Performance Metrics


  • Not yet readily available
  • Expensive

Where Can I Buy?

UK check out English Electric Motor Company

US check out WMR Competition Performance


Most Upgradable: Sur-Ron Light Bee

The Sur-Ron Light Bee has been around since 2018. It has changed since then… but not that much. The reason for that is simple – It's a great bike!

The designers at Hangzhou Quilong Technology were revolutionary and seemed to understand what we wanted (nay, what we needed!) even if we didn’t know it yet. This bike brought a huge wave of popularity and attention to the electric dirt bike space, and we haven’t looked back since.

The trouble is, while the Light Bee was revolutionary back in the day, the design has somewhat stood still over the years, leaving owners wanting more. Fast forward to today and this void in development from the manufacturer has been filled by a huge community of creative independent developers. Anything from aftermarket Batteries and Controllers through to Sprockets, Disc Rotors, Footpegs and Fenders can be added to your Light Bee to completely change its look, feel and performance. Therefore, if you are looking for a bike you can truly make your own then the Sur-Ron Light Bee is hard to beat.

Sur-Ron In the Woods


Off-Road RRP: £4695 / $4400

Road Legal RRP: £4999


  • Aftermarket possibilities


  • No innovation from the original design
  • Original parts can be hard to find.

Where Can I Buy?

UK check out Marsh Powersports

US check out Amped Bikes


Best All-Rounder: Talaria Sting R MX4

If you’re looking for the best all-round electric motorcycle, then look no further than the Talaria Sting R.

The Sting R’s predecessor, the Sting launched back in 2021. It hit the market with great anticipation and took 50% of the market share from dominators, Sur-Ron. Despite its benefits (lower maintenance gearbox over Sur-Rons Belt drive, wider rear tyre, taller seat height and slightly larger battery) many still deemed the Sting and the Light Bee as more or less equivalent bikes. Spec, performance and even the look were very similar and in the end, it was a question of taste.

However, during this time, Talaria kept their ear to the ground and took on board feedback from owners. They seemed to grasp 2 clear directions in which to take on their new bikes. Firstly, consumers needed something cheaper, simpler and more widely accessible without any compromise to performance (This is the above mentioned X3). Secondly, consumers needed something that did not stray from the lightweight eMoto format or exceed the £5000 ceiling but could still offer a vastly improved performance – hence the Talaria Sting R was created.

Improvements notable on the Sting R are:

  • 33% power increase from the motor
  • Increased top speed (55mph) and acceleration.
  • A larger batter that offers better range
  • 25% faster charging

Ultimately, what you are left with is the ultimate eMoto machine that offers tremendous value to boot.

Talaria Sting R Trackside

Off-Road RRP: £4595 / $4500

Road Legal RRP: £4895


  • Great performance out the box
  • Great support offered to consumers
  • Growing aftermarket scene

Where Can I Buy?

UK check out Stag Motorcycles

US check out Luna Cycles


Honourable Mentions

Some other great bikes left off this list include the Storm Bee and Ultra Bee, both created by Sur-Ron. The Ultra Bee, in particular, is an incredible bike for riders who are looking to take things a little more seriously. The bike edges into a larger category and therefore presents more challenges with usability, it is also nearly £7000 which may prove prohibitive to many consumers, especially when considering that the performance from the Talaria R is not far off in a much smaller silhouette and more affordable price.

Sur-Ron Ultra Bee



In conclusion, the year 2023 brings a remarkable array of electric dirt bikes on offer, each catering to different needs and preferences. From the budget-friendly Talaria X3 to the adrenaline-pumping Stark Varg, and the extremely versatile Talaria Sting R, there's an electric dirt bike tailored to suit every rider's requirement. Whether you prioritize value, performance, small size, upgradability, or versatility, the choices presented in this guide represent the best options available in the market for electric dirt bikes in 2023. Before making your purchase, ensure to thoroughly research and consider your riding needs, skill level, and budget to find the perfect electric dirt bike that will offer you an electrifying off-road experience like never before.